This blog is run by nine people! Kenya, Jacob, Tayler, Toosha, Emma, Viki, Ash, Shelby and Tom! This is a blog dedicated to Disney villains. Main and secondary antagonists. Some villains are reformed but will be featured during their villianous period. The blog will also feature some limited Pixar villains. You can find our gifs in the tags section. Or click those links above!

It’s good to be bad


Queen Grimhilde from Snow White by Joe Grant


Be Prepared + Storyboards


Favourite Disney Villain Songs {1/?}

Oh, well.

This may be harder than I thought…


This was badass


Classic Disney Movies Week | Day 4: Favorite Classic Villain
→ The Evil Queen


classic disney week; day 4 - favorite classic villain

captain hook - peter pan (1953)