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i'm not meaning this as any kind of criticism or anything i promise, but i was curious as to why people kinda put ursula and vanessa as two different people in gifsets? like there have been multiple ones that do that and even your list of villains does, but it doesn't do the same for like for example the evil queen/old hag or any other transformation/disguise (except king candy/turbo, which makes a lot of sense.) i'm just really curious where this comes from! :)

Hi! Yes. I’ve gotten this question a lot, from friends, from random users on my other tumblr. 

I think the reason why people put them as two different people or twice in a set is because Ursula as Vanessa isn’t Ursula. While yes, they are the same. She legit has a whole new identity, she’s not Ursula. She’s Vanessa. They look nothing alike, and if someone has never seen TLM or only seen it once, they may forget about Vanessa.  (I’ve met some people who have forgotten she transforms into someone else) Also her presence as vanessa is way different than how Ursula acts.

While I can see why people don’t do the evil queen/the old hag is because when she transforms into the old hag, she becomes a list of adjectives, rather than another person. Hence King Candy and Turbo is different. Two different people. If that makes sense?

People who do villain sets don’t generally make a set where they have Maleficent and THEN her as a dragon. Same with Narissa or The Evil Queen.

I think when people think of The Evil Queen, they think of her as both characters. Same with Maleficent, they think of both her and as a dragon. 

I kinda separate the two because Vanessa is hardly in the movie. So when I make stuff with her, I tag her as Vanessa so people who are looking specifically for Vanessa can find her. 

I did make that set with a bunch of female villains, and I included Vanessa. I needed another spot to fill tbh, and since the designs are so different, and she’s often forgotten or overshadowed by Ursula, that I included her. 

I thank you for your question. And I hope I am explaining this well <3

Edit: I did make a set of disguises one time!
Which kinda explains. Like see these are disguises rather than transformations, and exception of Lawrence/Pain&Panic (who are their own characters). Only Turbo and Vanessa has actual names while they are in their disguises. I really hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

It’s so delightful to be so spiteful